Communicate and Celebrate Results
  • Showcase the impact of peacebuilding work
  • Spread messages about the importance of peacebuilding
  • Establish a platform to find new innovative partnerships and synergy
Reflect, Learn, and Explore
  • Jointly reflect as a peacebuilding community on what works and what are the learnings in the Kyrgyzstan context
  • Explore what are the promising practices from other contexts
  • Discuss new national and regional trends on the issues related to peace and conflicts
For the first time in Kyrgyzstan — A Week unifying the voices of the Peacebuilding Hub* and other actors.

Aligned with Global Peace Day, the UN System Leadership Framework, and Key National Concepts of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Audience: Peacebuilding community - CSOs, formal and informal groups, INGOs, UN, IOs, government, media, grassroots activists, influencers, local leaders, local and national government, business community.
Yntymak Week objectives and Audience
Priority Issues
We strive for the increased effectiveness of peacebuilding work by creating and maintaining stronger synergies and continuous learning.
Our Drive and Dream
We believe that a shared understanding of problems enables collective support for effective solutions beyond the scope of individual organizations.
Yntymak week
  • Strong Natural Resource Management for Peace
  • Social Cohesion and Solidarity
  • Women's Empowerment for Peace
  • Strong and Effective Governance for Peace
  • Theoretical and conceptual discussions
  • Reflection on practice of peacebuilding
  • Learning from other context
  • Collective Action