September 2024
Aligned with Global Peace Day, the UN System Leadership Framework, and Key National Concepts of the Kyrgyz Republic.
For the first time in Kyrgyzstan — A Week unifying the voices of the Peacebuilding Hub and other actors.
We believe that a shared understanding of problems enables collective support for effective solutions beyond the scope of individual organizations.
We strive for the increased effectiveness of peacebuilding work by creating and maintaining stronger synergies and continuous learning.
Our Drive
and Dream

Yntymak Week Themes

Strong natural resource management for peace
Social cohesion and solidarity
Responsive and effective governance for peace
Women empowerment for peace

Yntymak Week Approaches


and conceptual



on practice

of peacebuilding


from other




Yntymak Week Calendar
Day 1
September 18

for Peace
Day 5
September 22

Closing Day and Nominations & Awards
Day 2
September 19

Social Cohesion & Solidarity
This is a participatory calendar of events and it will be adjusted based on inputs from other CSOs, government institutions and international organizations. We anticipate that some sessions may run simultaneously to accommodate various schedules and events. Your collaboration is essential in shaping the final schedule.
Day 3
September 20

Natural Resource Management & Climate Change Adaptation
Day 4
September 21

Responsive Governance
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State Partners
Civil Society Organizations
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International Community
The Peacebuilding Hub
Harmonizing Peacebuilding Efforts

Uniting Peacebuilding Actors

Bridging Peacebuilding Initiatives
Kyrgyzstan is home to a vibrant community of organizations spearheading peacebuilding efforts in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, and beyond. With so many enthusiastic peacebuilders working in parallel, the potential to make an even greater impact by uniting them was waiting to be unleashed. In October 2022, Acted, International Alert, PeaceNexus, Saferworld, Search for Common Ground, the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office in the Kyrgyz Republic, and UN Women came together to do just that, forming an informal network called the Peacebuilding Hub.
Briefly about Hub
Today, the Hub serves as an informal platform upon which Kyrgyzstan’s leading peacebuilding, development, and humanitarian organizations exchange experiences, knowledge, best and promising practices, and learnings; conduct joint analysis; coordinate actions; and cultivate an active and growing peacebuilding community in Kyrgyzstan.
Peacebuilding Hub Members
15/1 Maldybaev, Bishkek

International Alert
64 B Erkindik Boulevard,
Erkindik Ololo House, Office №23, Bishkek
19 Razzakova Street, Bishkek

Search for Common Ground
103 Ibraimov Street,
Victory Business Center, Floor №12,
Peace Nexus
113 Bokonbayev Street,
Altair Business Center, Floor №8, Bishkek

UN Resident

Coordinator’s Office

160 Chui Avenue, UN House,


UN Women

195 Kiev Street, Bishkek